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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Course - CFS

Conference Call:
Vt CFIDS Association,& Representatives: CDC

February 13, 2012


Dana Brimmer, PhD, MPH – Behavioral Scientist
Kim Hummel, PhD – Health Scientist
Beth Unger, MD, PhD – Branch Chief, Chronic Viral Diseases Branch
Rik Carlson, President, VT CFIDS Association, Inc.
John Higgins. Member, VT CFIDS Association, Inc.

Notes from the call:

The goal of the CDC is to improve communication with (CFS/CFIDS/ME) groups around the country.

They (the CDC) understand the frustration of patients when they say, “Do you know a good Doctor?”

There was a discussion that concerned the frustration over the demeaning name (CFS) and a recognition of the life altering results that occur because of the profound ambiguity associated with that name. When we referenced the NIH now using ME/CFS it was made clear that ME and CFS are not the same entity, that there is a problem with identifying a viral etiology, and that they cannot recommend anti-viral treatments.

In reference to CBT and GET which are featured prominently in the website and “Toolkit”, they stated that they are “just part of symptom management” and are “management strategies”, not “Cures”.

They are in the process of clarifying the CDC web site.

They will present provider education courses through “Medscape” in March.

They will present Continuing Education Courses (CME's) on diagnosis and management and on sleep on the web site in June or July.

They will present a standardized patient program to train medical students in the fall.

They work with the most respected clinicians in the field and referenced Anthony Komaroff, Lucinda Bateman, Nancy Klimas and Charles Lapp.

There are upgrades to the Toolkit coming.

These are all positive approaches to to a difficult problem. We at the VT CFIDS Association look forward to announcing, presenting and responding to these upcoming programs and to increasing the legitimacy and support so desperately needed with this disease. We look forward to working with the CDC.

Follow up: May 21, 2012    Continuing Medical Education Course:

Dear Rik,

In our call with you, one of the topics we discussed was CFS education projects. We are pleased to forward the CDC CFS webpage with the CFS continuing medical education (CME) course that CDC developed in collaboration with Medscape. Medscape has let us know that over 4600 healthcare professionals have received CME credit for taking the course and it has been viewed by 30,000 others. Please see
We encourage you to pass this information on to your colleagues and members of your community.

Best wishes,