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This is from the Facebook page Justice for Karina Hansen - They say to please share.


You can use this link to send your letter to Amnesty International.

International Secretariat at Amnesty International :

My name is (Enter your name). I live in (add your city/country). I am writing to you concerning what I believe to be human rights abuses against Karina Hansen in Denmark. Karina Hansen is a young woman with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), classified as a neurological illness by the World Health Organization in 1969. She was forcibly removed from her home on Feb. 12, 2013 for treatment she had previously chosen against. This treatment is believed by many international experts on ME to be detrimental.

You can find more information about ME at
(If you wish, you can insert why you are personally concerned. It can be good for them to know why you are feel moved to write)

Karina's human rights have been systematically stripped away. She now has no say in where she lives, what treatment she receives, what doctors provide treatment, when and how often her parents can visit her, or access to the lawyer she hired in 2012. Karina ,because of her illness, has a very difficult time expending the energy to use her cell phone, yet after she was taken she made 26 calls for help until her cell phone died. This included a call to the police. Karina has made it clear she needs help. Issues to be addressed regarding Karina Hansen's rights:
1. Karina hired a lawyer in 2012. She no longer has access to this lawyer. 2. Karina gave her parents power of attorney. The state has now appointed Karina a legal guardian she did not choose herself. 3. Karina's parents were denied visitation rights to Karina. It is against the law in Denmark to deny visitation.

4. Karina was forcibly removed from her chosen, familial home. They sent 5 policemen, 2 doctors, 2 social workers, and a locksmith to remove one bedbound young woman. 5. Karina previously said no to this treatment in 2011 and 2012. She continues to say no by telling them "you are killing me" when they subject her to treatment that can be detrimental for a ME patient. Contact and other relevant information for Karina Hansen:
-Karina Hansen is being held at Hammel Neurocenter.
Hammel Neurocenter
Volbyvej 15DK - 8450 HammelDänemark
Tel. +45 8762 3300
Fax +45 8762 3307 - The doctor in charge of Karina's care is Nils Balle Christiansen of The Research Clinic for Functional Disorders and Psychosomatics. -Karina's parents are Per and Ketty Hansen and they live in Holstebro, Denmark. - You can find detailed information about Karina Hansen and the abuses she is suffering at -Rebecca Hansen, chairman of the ME association Denmark is working with Karina Hansen's family and can be contacted at Grassroots action has begun to help Karina Hansen, but we would appreciate guidance and assistance from an experienced human rights organization. I am including links to petitions, videos, and letter writing campaign information so you can see what has been started. Would please advise us on the best way to fight for Karina's rights? Can you provide assistance to Karina Hansen and her family? Videos made to raise awareness of Karina Hansen:
2. Template and addresses for the letter/email writing campaign:
Template -
Addresses Petition links:
3. Ipetition You can contact Justice For Karina Hansen and learn more information here: Where have Karina's choices gone? Karina has rights and these rights need to be enforced. As a longstanding bastion for fighting injustice and promoting human rights, I ask that you assist Karina Hansen and her family. I appreciate your swift action regarding this matter. Sincerely,