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My wife and I drove the 220 miles down to Northampton Mass to the Northampton Wellness Associates yesterday not knowing what to expect. June has joined me in the Doctor's offices for five years, to see first hand what I (we, us..all) have been through and know all too well.

We experienced the following:

They spoke the same language (No CFIDS Tower of Babble nonsense).

The entire operation was full of sick(sic) Happy People, I mean patients getting better (not shiny people).

We met people who had traveled further than us and who were glad to do so.

It resembled a MASH unit for CFIDS under one roof. They had a huge allergy section with people receiving IV treatment in waiting rooms.

Their was a hive of healing everywhere, blood being drawn for all the RIGHT tests.

Dr. Darren Lynch (my Doctor was amazing), words fail me. Instead of me crying, my wife cried with Tears of Joy. He ordered all the right bloodwork. It was as if he read my mind. He presented a realistic overview of the XMRV thing and talked about getting my body into as much balance as is possible given the circumstances. He knew more about CFIDS than I did, and I have read the Internet for five years. He answered all my questions compassionately and with knowledge and insight and ACTION.

They gave me a prescription to give myself B-12 shots, then instructed me how to self inject myself while I was there. They went over the ordering of it for me, nothing was put on me to remember. I drove home and my wife slept. This is the way it used to be, but for the last five years. I had tons of energy, well I felt human and alive.

They ordered a special biodentical Testosterone for me from a Women's place in Wisconsin and instructed me on how to use it.

Dr. Lynch put me (wrote a prescription for me) on Valcyte with all the precautions that even if helped me, if it harmed my body (liver, spleen etc) he would discontinue it and pry it out of my cold bony fingers if he had to.

I will see them in six weeks and review all the blood test. Their philosophy is not to see you and treat you over and over again, but to get the work done, set you on the path and see you every six months or once a year. They are not a boutique. They are not in it for the money. They are committed to us. They are a model for what this country needs.

Long story short, we need to let people know about this place. I asked him if it was okay to put the word out in Vermont and he said sure. They even had an internee from California in with June and I. They asked permission for her to shadow us and of course we said sure. The intern was great, they are trying to lure her into their wicked web of healing. When my wife cried tears of Joy, so did the intern. It was a very real holistic experience. The intern even got her own shot of B-12.

All my Best.